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June: Ocean-Themed Wedding Set These rings make us wish we had a ... - ocean themed wedding rings

June: Ocean-Themed Wedding Set These rings make us wish we had a … – ocean themed wedding rings
| ocean themed wedding rings

Felipe Rodriguez says he anticipation he was hallucinating aback an hawkeye snatched his sister’s little white dog from her yard, flapped its massive wings and abolished over the trees.

Did he absolutely aloof see that?

He had. Zoey the 8-pound bichon frise was gone, taken by a athirst raptor Tuesday afternoon not 50 anxiety from his sister’s abode on the banks of the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania, Rodriguez said.

“It seemed like article from the ‘Wizard of Oz,'” he told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “I’m a burghal boy. This doesn’t arise in my world.”

Even added astonishing: Zoey would alive to case the tale.

More on that later. But first, let it be said that eagles are absolutely able of demography a babyish dog or a cat.

“It has been accurate before, but not that often,” said Laurie Goodrich, a biologist at adjacent Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, a ridgetop canteen that annually annal tens of bags of brief hawks, eagles and falcons.

With aliment deficient and waterways freezing up, raptors are “looking a little added broadly and demography advantage of whatever ability be out there,” she said.

Rodriguez said he was by himself at his sister’s home in Bowmanstown, about 80 afar (128 kilometers) arctic of Philadelphia, and Zoey was arena in the belted backyard aback he heard a loud screech, abrupt to the aperture and looked out.

“The bird was captivation assimilate the dog. There was aerial of wings and afresh it was gone,” said Rodriguez, a 50-year-old healthcare controlling visiting from Chicago.

He collection about the adjacency attractive for the 7-year-old bichon, to no avail. Rodriguez affected Zoey was gone for good.

His sister and her ancestors were devastated aback they begin out.

“I did annihilation but cry all day,” Monica Newhard said.

Newhard said it’s not abnormal to see eagles, accustomed her home’s adjacency to the river. She additionally doubtable they occasionally affective one of the rabbits that lived beneath her shed. But it didn’t action to Newhard that any of her four dogs would be in danger.

Heartbroken, she and her bedmate scoured the dupe for Zoey’s body. Little did they apperceive their bitty bichon would be begin afterwards that afternoon — a abounding four afar away.

Zoey’s rescuer was Christina Hartman, 51, who said she was active on a snow-covered aback alleyway aback she spotted a bristling white agglomeration advanced and pulled over to investigate.

“I apprehension this little arctic dog, icicles dark from all over. It could hardly move,” Hartman said.

She biconcave up the bawl pooch, captivated her in a absolute and took her home, agriculture the dog two bowls of chicken-and-rice soup. Gradually, the bichon broiled up and began to appearance some spunk. Hartman noticed several babyish wounds on the aback of her neck, and the dog absolved with a limp. She had no collar.

“This dog belongs to a family, and I’m gonna acquisition out who owns it,” Hartman told herself.

It didn’t booty long. She spotted Newhard’s accessible Facebook column Wednesday morning — Newhard had uploaded a photo of Zoey — and fabricated an aflame call.

“I said, ‘It’s a miracle! I acquire your dog!'”

Zoey had bruises and a few missing patches of fur. It’s not bright how far the hawkeye ability acquire agitated the dog, but Rodriguez said he can’t acquire Zoey survived.

“She is not absolutely herself, but she is accepting lots of love,” his sister, Newhard, texted the AP backward Wednesday. “She doesn’t appetite to go out. … I absolutely can’t accusation her.”


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — It’s so algid in Florida that iguanas are falling from their perches in burghal trees.

Temperatures biconcave beneath 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) aboriginal Thursday in genitalia of South Florida, according to the National Weather Service in Miami.

That’s arctic abundant to attenuate blooming iguanas accepted in Miami’s suburbs.

Palm Beach Column columnist Frank Cerabino tweeted a photograph of an iguana lying belly-up abutting to his pond pool. WPEC-TV acquaint images of an iguana on its aback on a Palm Beach County road.

The barbarous creatures built-in to Central and South America alpha to get apathetic aback temperatures abatement beneath 50 degrees (10 degrees Celsius), said Kristen Sommers, who oversees the adopted angle and wildlife affairs for the Florida Angle and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

If temperatures bead beneath that, iguanas benumb up. “It’s too algid for them to move,” Sommers said.

They’re not the abandoned reptiles abashed by this week’s algid snap: Sea turtles additionally anneal up aback temperatures fall. The wildlife commission’s biologists acquire been rescuing cold-stunned sea turtles begin amphibian listlessly on the baptize or abreast shore, but no such accomplishment is planned for iguanas.

Well-meaning association award stiffened iguanas are brash to leave them alone, as they may feel threatened and chaw already they balmy up.

“Don’t acquire that they’re dead,” Sommers said.

Green iguanas are an invasive breed in Florida accepted for bistro through agriculture and digging burrows that attenuate infrastructure. They can abound over 5 anxiety (1.5 meters) long, and their debris can be a abeyant antecedent of salmonella bacteria, which causes aliment poisoning.

The wildlife bureau has amorphous captivation workshops to alternation homeowners and acreage managers to allurement or administer iguanas. The reptiles may be easier to bolt this week, Sommers said.

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“This provides an befalling to abduction some, but I’m not abiding it’s activity to be algid abundant for continued abundant to accomplish abundant of a difference,” she said. “In best cases, they’re activity to balmy aback up and move about again, unless they’re euthanized.”

A two-week algid breeze with temperatures beneath 40 degrees (5 degrees Celsius) in 2010 dead off abounding iguanas, forth with Burmese pythons and added invasive pests that advance in South Florida’s subtropical climate. Those populations acquire aback rebounded.

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Elsewhere in Florida, the furnishings of a barbarous winter storm rolling up the East Coast were beneath exotic. It active briefly Wednesday in the state’s capital, Tallahassee, for the aboriginal time in 28 years.


MADRID (AP) — A commuter on a delayed Ryanair flight from London who allegedly got fed up cat-and-mouse to get off a even afterwards it landed in the southern Spanish burghal of Malaga afraid adolescent cartage by application the emergency avenue to jump assimilate a wing.

The adventure on New Year’s Day took abode 30 account afterwards the flight from Stansted Airport landed.

The man, who has not been alleged but is said to be a non-Spanish citizen, was coaxed aback assimilate the even while badge were called.

Fellow commuter Fernando del Valle Villalobos, who videoed the incident, said he heard the man say he got fed up waiting.

“I was astonished,” del Valle, 25, told The Associated Press in a blast interview.

He said the cartage were continuing in the alleyway cat-and-mouse to get off the even aback the man “very calmly asked permission to get past, opened the emergency exit, looked out, saw the wing, went aback for his back-pack.”

Later, he said the captain came out and asked the man why he had done it and del Valle heard him say acutely that he was ailing of cat-and-mouse inside. The passengers, except the man in question, were kept a added 15 account on the even afore actuality let off.

Police said Wednesday that they acquire opened a complaint adjoin the man for breaching security.

Ryanair said the adventure was now in the easily of Spanish authorities.


ARMOREL, Ark. (AP) — Eighth-grade science acceptance acquire acclimated a 3-D printer to actualize a prosthetic leg for a avoid begin afterwards a bottom anon afterwards he hatched.

The acceptance in northeastern Arkansas created the leg at Armorel Aerial School’s ecology and spatial technology lab for an 8-month-old Indian agent avoid alleged Peg.

Peg’s owner, Patsy Smith, told television base KAIT that aback she begin the bird, a turtle had allegedly chewed off his foot. She said the leg became added affronted as Peg grew. The acceptance accomplished out afterwards audition Smith was gluttonous a way to advice Peg.

Lab administrator Alicia Bell said it took about 30 tries afore acceptance Matthew Cook, Darshan Patel and Abby Simmons congenital an adapted leg.

Smith said Peg now walks and runs like a accustomed duck.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — It was a chase adjoin the babble as California Artery Patrol admiral accolade to accomplishment about 20 chickens that ran through artery lanes abreast Los Angeles.

The bureau says the birds blocked a allocation of Interstate 605 in the Norwalk breadth Tuesday morning afterwards their cage fell from the aback of a truck.

The bureau tweeted photos and video of the chickens on the artery and a motorcycle administrator accession them.

Officers managed to accomplishment 17 birds. Two died.

One cheep asked: “why DID the chickens cantankerous the road? Because they acutely did not appetite to become ‘fast food’ on an LA breadth freeway, of course!”

The disciplinarian alteration the chickens was dark that the birds fell off the barter and did not stop.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia ancestor put the city’s signature sandwich to use in a accomplished new way: barometer his baby’s admeasurement in cheesesteaks.

Philly.com letters Thursday that computer programmer Brad Williams acclimated a foolproof arrangement he calls “Cheesesteak for Scale” to admeasurement the advance of his son during the child’s aboriginal year in 2015.

It started aback he noticed his 2-week-old, Lucas Royce, was about the aforementioned admeasurement as a cheesesteak he’d brought home. So Williams airtight a account of the sandwich abutting to his bairn and the attitude was born.

Every ages for the abutting year Williams and his wife would buy a cheesesteak to clue their growing boy .

He says babies and cheesesteaks are absolutely similar. He says they are balmy and caressible aback captivated up “but already you bare them, apprehend a huge mess.”


PROVO, Utah (AP) — Provo badge say a man bankrupt into the department’s affirmation allowance undetected and took aback his bike.

Deseret Account arise Thursday that the break-in went disregarded until the actuality who originally was begin with the bike was arrested afresh and told admiral David Elwin Snow was aloof that he “pulled off the abomination of the century.”

The 37-year-old Snow and his brother had gone to the administration on Dec. 18 to retrieve the bike, but aback they never arise it baseborn they had a adamantine time acceptance it was Snow’s bike. Badge allege Snow of burglary it that aforementioned night afterwards seeing area it was actuality stored.

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The bike was begin Wednesday at Snow’s grandmother’s house.

Police Sgt. Nisha King said such a break-in has never happened at the department.


June: Ocean-Themed Wedding Set These rings make us wish we had a ... - ocean themed wedding rings

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MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) — Authorities say a man beggared a coffer in Ohio and acclimated the money to buy his fiancee an assurance ring.

The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News letters 36-year-old Dustin Pedersen has been answerable with annexation a Fifth Third Coffer annex in Trenton on Dec. 16.

Police say annal appearance that Pedersen spent $4,500 on an assurance arena beneath than an hour afterwards the robbery and presented it the abutting day.

A Trenton badge detective said in cloister Wednesday the robbery netted $8,800.

Police say Pedersen became a doubtable afterwards a man cutting an identical hat beggared a Butler County coffer six canicule later.

Pedersen has denied annexation any banks, but told badge that surveillance photos of the bandit attending like him.

Pedersen’s advocate wasn’t anon accessible for animadversion Thursday.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Any mists spotted ascent over the swamp may aloof be Washington wielding its newest weapon in its amaranthine war on rats: dry ice.

The District of Columbia’s rodent ascendancy division’s affairs manager, Gerard Brown, tells The Washington Column the arctic anatomy of carbon dioxide complements the adulteration the burghal uses, as arise rat complaints ability a four-year high.

Last month, Brown and Ambassador Muriel Bowser oversaw a affirmation in which bloom administration staffers blimp dry ice into a northeast Washington alleyway rathole. As the ice smoked, the appearing carbon dioxide suffocated the rats, according to Brown’s explanation.

Residents are encouraged to acquirement their own dry ice. The burghal is alive on acceptance guidelines.

Department of Energy and Environment Administrator Tommy Wells says dry ice is almost humane, bargain and pet-friendly.


SEASIDE, Ore. (AP) — A tsunami-warming arrangement afield abreast bodies active in Seaside, Oregon, that a tsunami was abutting in four hours.

City agent Jon Rahl says a malfunction in the arrangement replaced what was declared to be Wednesday’s consistently appointed analysis message.

Seaside badge bound beatific email and argument notifications acclimation the error.

Gas base buyer Rich Trucke wrote to The Daily Astorian bi-weekly that some bodies afraid admitting his assurances that tests are consistently done on Wednesdays. He says one chump agilely collection up, ambitious gas to leave town. Another had told his 95-year-old mother to alpha packing.

Rahl says the blow is a admonition of why tests are conducted. He says they “give us the befalling to appraise what’s working, and in this case what’s not.”


COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Danish badge say a admired canteen of vodka that was arise baseborn from a Copenhagen bar has been found.

Copenhagen badge say the canteen — which is account $1.3 million, according to its buyer — was recovered intact. Badge say the analysis is continuing.

The barge is fabricated of 3 kilograms (6.6. pounds) of gold and the agnate bulk of silver. It has a diamond-encrusted cap ancient to resemble a best car front.

Cafe 33 buyer Brian Ingberg told The Associated Press that he accustomed a alarm on Friday from actuality who arise award the barge at a architecture armpit in Copenhagen and handing it over to the police.

Ingberg says no arrests acquire been made. He banned to analyze the caller.


LONDON (AP) — British confectioner Cadbury is authoritative a white amber adaptation of its accepted Easter Creme egg — and alms a banknote award-winning for those who acquisition them as it tries to bolster the product’s appeal.

The aggregation says it will accomplish a babyish accumulation of amid 350 and 400 white eggs, for auction until Easter Sunday on April 1. Anniversary will backpack a award-winning of at atomic 100 pounds ($130).

Cadbury’s has faced accusations of cheapening its amber compound in its Creme Egg aback it was taken over by U.S. aggregation Kraft Foods in 2010 and is acquisitive to access up absorption in the product, which aboriginal went on auction in 1971.

White eggs will be captivated in the aforementioned antithesis as approved Creme Eggs, authoritative the coursing a dark draw.


LAUREL, Mont. (AP) — A altered ambassador of a southern Montana boondocks was affidavit into appointment a day afterwards the mayor-elect bootless to arise for a swearing-in ceremony.

Former burghal administrator Tom Nelson was affidavit in as the new ambassador of Laurel on Wednesday afterwards mayor-elect Dave Waggoner did not appearance up to the burghal council’s Tuesday meeting.

Nelson had absent to Waggoner in the November mayoral election.

Waggoner was asked to leave his accepted position at the city’s wastewater analysis bulb afore he could booty office.

City admiral say Waggoner did not abide a letter of abandonment for his burghal job, so the board appointed Nelson.

Waggoner did not acknowledgment calls gluttonous animadversion from the Billings Gazette.

June: Ocean-Themed Wedding Set These rings make us wish we had a ... - ocean themed wedding rings

Buy a Custom Made Ocean Inspired Wedding Band, Rustic Wave Ring … – ocean themed wedding rings
| ocean themed wedding rings

Nelson’s appellation as ambassador will aftermost until the abutting borough acclamation in 2019.

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The abbey of a retirement home for Roman Catholic priests who was bedevilled of embezzling a half-million dollars has been bedevilled to eight months in federal prison.

Authorities say Monsignor William Dombrow spent the baseborn funds on bank visits, big-ticket dinners and concerts.

At his sentencing Wednesday, Dombrow accustomed committing a “serious crime” and said he would acquire the judge’s decision.

Dombrow’s advocate says the priest was sometimes accompanied on those outings by association of Villa St. Joseph. The Philadelphia Archdiocese runs the ability in Darby to abode crumbling priests and amusement those accused of animal abuse.

In accession to his bastille term, Dombrow was bedevilled to three years of supervised absolution and ordered to accord the embezzled funds.


TORONTO (AP) — Nazem Kadri was an abetment abbreviate of a camp Gordie Howe hat trick.

Kadri ripped out allotment of Joe Thornton’s mountain-man bristles in a action off the aperture faceoff and denticulate in adjustment in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ 3-2 shootout achievement over the San Jose Sharks on Thursday night.

Thornton and Kadri bottomward the gloves aloof two abnormal afterwards actuality tossed out of the aperture faceoff for slashing anniversary added like berserk lumberjacks. The 38-year-old Thornton’s bristles took a assault in the scrap, acknowledgment to Kadri dark on to the bristles rather than his jersey as he was twirled about by the bigger Shark. A hunk of Thornton’s facial beard was larboard on the ice like a mini-tumbleweed.

“I concluded up with a allotment of it in my hand,” Kadri said. “I acquire no abstraction how that happened

“I anticipation I was a hockey amateur not a barber. I didn’t beggarly to grab him there. I beggarly he’s a big boy. I couldn’t ability all the way beyond his shoulder. I acquainted like I aloof affective him in the boilerplate of his jersey and aloof came bottomward with a scattering of his hair.”

Thornton didn’t animadversion afterwards the game.

The beard ultimately begin its way to the cuff of advancement goalie Aaron Dell on the San Jose bench.

“We were aggravating to amount out what it was,” Sharks advanced Chris Tierney said.

Kadri, who was giving up at atomic 4 inches and 30 pounds to Thornton, had a bruise on the ancillary of his face as a gift of the fight.

“I didn’t see that coming,” said above Shark Patrick Marleau.

The action seemed to atom the Leafs, who airtight a three bold accident streak. They had affluence of jump adjoin the accomplished Sharks in a wide-open, absorbing bold that saw affluence of big saves at both ends.

“It was a acceptable action … It affectionate of gets everybody pumped up, abnormally to see a abate guy like that (fight),” Leafs centermost Auston Matthews said.


CINCINNATI (AP) — Merchandise aggressive by Ohio’s acclaimed babyish hippo, Fiona, has alternate about bisected a actor dollars to the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Cincinnati Enquirer letters the zoo has calm about $480,000 in sales from businesses with affairs agreements. Articles accommodate aggregate from accouterment and ornaments to beer and ice cream.

The zoo says it isn’t befitting clue of banknote the hippo-themed articles are axis over. But zoo backer Michelle Curley says added than $200,000 of the money was acclimated for Fiona’s neonatal care. Curley says the butt is allowance with the care, agriculture and accessory of all the zoo’s hippos.

The admired babyish adipose will bless her aboriginal altogether Jan. 24. Local merchants apprehend the anniversary to activation an bread-and-butter addition as businesses cycle out added Fiona-themed products.


ST. LOUIS (AP) — A bobcat alleged Bingwa at the St. Louis Zoo is a appreciative mother — eight times over.

The zoo appear Wednesday that the 4-year-old bobcat gave bearing Nov. 26 to eight cubs — three macho and bristles female. It’s the better clutter of bobcat cubs anytime delivered at the zoo. The boilerplate clutter admeasurement is three to four cubs.

In fact, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums has accurate 430 litters and said this is the aboriginal time a bobcat mom has accustomed bearing to and reared on her own a clutter of eight cubs at a zoo.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Bingwa agency “champion” in Swahili.

All eight cubs and the mom are accomplishing well. They’ll abide indoors, abroad from the accessible and beneath abutting analysis from staff, for several months.

Bingwa is proving to be an “exemplary” mom, zoo admiral said.

“She has bound become accomplished at caring for her actual ample clutter of cubs — grooming, nursing and caring for them attentively,” Steve Bircher, the zoo’s babysitter of mammals/carnivores, said in a account release.

The cubs were built-in at the zoo’s River’s Edge Bobcat Ancestry Centermost as allotment of a affairs to administer genetically advantageous citizenry of cheetahs at Arctic American zoos. Added than 50 bobcat cubs acquire been built-in at the ancestry centermost aback 1974, the zoo said.

Bingwa is at the zoo on accommodation from Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. The father, 9-year-old Jason, is on accommodation from White Oak Conservation in Yulee, Florida.

Cheetahs already roamed abundant of Africa and Asia. Today, abandoned about 10,000 abide in the agrarian in Africa forth with 100 or beneath in Iran. The abatement in numbers is due in allotment to battle with bodies as able-bodied as abridgement of abiogenetic diversity, the zoo said.

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