Taaffeite Engagement Ring

in case you agree with everything you hear, it looks like diamond engagement rings are subsequently at the way out. Engagement jewelry with colored gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are at the way in. but increasingly, brides to be are seeking out something special, unique and eye-catching. this indicates they’re searching out unusual gems that you received’t find in a run-of-the-mill jeweller’s window.

Taaffeite Engagement Ring

Taaffeite is an uncommon gemstone for many motives. not only is it one of the rarest gem stones in the world, it’s also the handiest one to have first been discovered as a refined and faceted gem (as opposed to from a mine). Richard Taaffe sold it and numerous other stones from a jeweller in Dublin, eire in 1945. as soon as he tested his haul, he determined that one of the gemstones displayed double refraction and become not an regular spinel like the others. It turns out it turned into some thing in no way visible earlier than, so he acquired the honor of having the stone named after him. Small deposits have been observed in China, Sri Lanka and southern Tanzania seeing that then; all variety from purple to purple (purple being extremely rare) in shade and have a hardness of 8 to 9.

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